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What is goMobi from OpenSRS?

goMobi is a mobile website builder and hosting service all-in-one. A goMobi website is easy to create, and works with an existing website. Each goMobi website provides mobile Internet users with the information they need on the go, automatically formatted for the mobile device being used to visit the site.

  • What the goMobi service provides:

    • A web-based interface to build feature-rich, mobile-friendly websites with auto-formatting for various devices (using dotMobi’s incredible Device Atlas database of mobile devices and capabilities)
    • Reliable and secure hosting for each and every goMobi website
  • Why choose OpenSRS for goMobi?

    • A powerful browser-based control panel (and API) to provision and manage goMobi subscriptions
    • A way to provide end-users with access to the goMobi site builder
    • Extensive marketing help, including web templates and other assets to help you sell goMobi to your customers

Thinking about reselling goMobi?

If you are considering offering goMobi subscriptions, but aren’t sure if it’s the right business for you, we can help. If you answer yes to the following questions, then you most likely are a great candidate for selling goMobi subscriptions to your customers.

Probably yes!

  • I have experience providing Internet services to customers (for example: hosting packages, web design services, consulting, etc.)
  • I have a good understanding of the web including how DNS works and I am familiar with web-based interfaces, and know in general how websites work
  • I have a way to collect payment and/or bill my customers for services I provide
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Maybe not...

  • I don't have my own website, and/or I don't currently provide Internet services to any of my customers
  • I’m not particularly web-savvy and don’t have much experience using web services like blogging software or other online tools
  • I don't have a way to invoice or collect payment from my customers
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Our wholesale cost is just $2.50/month, but you can try goMobi free for 30 days

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Sell Your Way

You can provision and sell goMobi through our control panel, or with a full-on API integration

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We've put together resources to help you market and sell goMobi to your customers

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Free trial for you and your customers

The best way to understand how goMobi works, and to see the value goMobi will provide your customers, is to try it yourself. As an OpenSRS reseller, you and your customers can get a 30-day free trial on every goMobi site.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of goMobi to my customers?
    Your customers can grow their business by reaching the growing market of mobile internet users.

  • How can I convince my customers to buy goMobi?
    We give our have a number of marketing resources available including ready-to-go email campaigns and pre-coded landing pages.

  • What does a goMobi site look like?
    Have a look at our own goMobi site at
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