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WHMCS Plugins Now out of Beta

OpenSRS is excited to announce the release of six plugins for WHMCS that will allow our resellers to easily sell our products & services and integrate directly with our platform. All of these plugins are available today at no cost and are 100% open source. We hope you’ll start using them and provide feedback so we can continue to improve them.

For a list of all features and to download our plugins, visit

OpenSRS Domains Pro

  • Works alongside other registrar modules
  • Adds .PW to the list of ccTLDs
  • Supports WHMCS Domain Sync
  • Register/Renew/Transfer new domains
  • Enable or disable WHOIS privacy functionality
  • Remove WHOIS privacy service from registrar and billing area
  • Automatic invoice generation for clients who enable whois privacy support is now available via the client area
  • Adds support and fixes the phone # formatting issue that affected WHMCS’ OpenSRS module


  • You can now manage existing certificates within WHMCS
  • Register/Renew/Terminate for all supported certificates (Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, Trustwave, Thawte)
  • Auto configuration via client side interface
  • This module will NOT support SAN/UC certs


  • Create TRUSTe orders manually and via auto provisioning
  • Terminate TRUSTe orders
  • Auto renew of order upon payment
  • Manage and complete TRUSTe signup process

GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan

  • Create GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan orders manually and via auto provisioning
  • Terminate GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan orders
  • Auto renew of order upon payment
  • Manage and on demand scan of GeoTrust Anti-Malware


  • Support for existing SiteLock accounts
  • Create SiteLock orders manually and via auto provisioning
  • Terminate SiteLock orders
  • Auto renew of order upon payment
  • Upgrade/Downgrade capabilities


  • Support for existing GoMobi purchases
  • Create GoMobi orders manually and via auto provisioning
  • Terminate GoMobi orders
  • Auto renew each month upon payment otherwise product is suspended
  • Suspend and un-suspend service

Trustwave Premium EV SSL on Sale for July

trustwave_logoFor the month of July, we’re dropping the price on Trustwave’s Premium EV SSL to just $90 per year (from $135). Making it the best-priced EV certificate available from OpenSRS.

The reduced price is already reflected in your account. All you have to do is extend a discount to your customers to get more of them dressed up with a green bar. Here are all of the available benefits of the Trustwave Premium EV SSL certificate:

  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Extended Validation—highest organization validation
  • Green Address Bar in web browsers
  • Up to 256-bit Encryption
  • Free (Unlimited) Reissues for the life of the certificate
  • “Trusted Commerce” dynamic Site Seal
  • 100% Trusted Root Guarantee

Learn more about our Trustwave certificates.

Which Site Seal do People Trust the Most? (2013 Survey Results)

We just found some interesting third-party research from the Baymard Institute regarding consumer’s perceptions of SSL and Trust seals. The survey, from January 2013, specifically focused in on e-commerce websites and gave the following results, showing Trust seals outpacing all of the SSL seals with the exception of Norton.

Its an interesting article and I recommend clicking through to read more about the results and some of the implications. Including their suggestion sites show multiple seals to increase perceived site security; while also of course improving site security.

Survey of SSL Seals

SAN and wildcard certificates – what’s the difference?

Last week OpenSRS added a bunch of new SSL certificate products to our already extensive lineup, and lowered costs on EV and a couple of popular wildcard certificates.

The new certs are all Subject Alternative Name or SAN certificates – they allow for more than one fully qaulified domain name to be protected using a single certificate.

The certificate information for a GeoTrust EV certificate with the SAN option. In this case, a single certificate for also protects

Since the launch, we’ve received a few queries about SAN certificates and how they differ from wildcard certs. With that in mind, I’ve put together a quick reference guide here.

Let’s start with a basic look at both wildcard and SAN certs.

  • Wildcard: a wildcard certificate allows for unlimited subdomains to be protected with a single certificate. For example, you could use a wildcard certificate for the domain name and that cert would also work for, and any other subdomain. The wildcard refers to the fact that the cert is provisioned for *
  • SAN: a SAN cert allows for multiple domain names to be protected with a single certificate. For example, you could get a certificate for, and then add more SAN values to have the same certificate protect, and even

Some important things to note:

Depending on the specific brand and certificate product, the SAN cert will include either one or four additional domains at the price quoted on our chart. Additional SAN values can usually be added up to a maximum number of either 5 or 25 total domains (including the base domain).

In most cases, the SAN values can be changed at anytime during the life of the certificate – you’d just need to change the value, and then do a free re-issue.

When to choose a wildcard, and when to choose a SAN:

Wildcard certs are great for protecting multiple subdomains on a single domain. In many cases, the wildcard cert makes more sense than a SAN because it allows for unlimited subdomains and you don’t need to define them at the time of purchase. You could provision * and in at anytime during the life of the certificate, you decided to add or, that cert would just work, no reissue required.

If, on the other hand, you need to protect multiple domain names, then the SAN certificate might be the right choice. Protecting alternative domains with the same website ( and is a great example. One caveat – you need to define the additional domains and add them to the certificate for it to work.

SAN certificates, like wildcard certs, are a great way to save some money and also to make administration a bit easier as you can reduce the number of certificates provisioned since they cover multiple domains.

One last note – the unique QuickSSL Premium with SAN:

We also sell a bit of a hybrid product – the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium with SAN. This cert is a bit different than the rest of our SAN products. It allows for the protection of four subdomains in addition to the base domain. That makes it more like a restricted wildcard certificate than a true SAN. You also have to add the subdomains at the time of purchase, and they can’t be altered once the cert is provisioned.

You might wonder, as I did initially, why it even exists. Priced at $125, it’s a lower cost product that’s quite a bit cheaper than our least expensive wildcard certificate (the Comodo SSL Wildcard – $199). It’s also a domain-validated certificate (as opposed to being organizationally validated as all of our other SAN certs are) which means that issuance is fast.

For applications where you know the subdomains that you want to have protected, the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium with SAN is a nice option.

Further questions? Just ask!

I hope that helps a bit in terms of understanding the applications for both these new SAN certificates and also for wildcard certs. If you have any questions about which certificate is best for your customer’s specific application, feel free to ask in the comments of this post, or get in touch with OpenSRS Reseller Support.

Big SSL News: New Super Low EV Pricing and UC/SAN Certs

We have some big news to share today regarding SSL certificates. There are two parts to the announcement, and both are pretty exciting:

First off, we’re cutting pricing on Extended Validation certificates across the board. We’re getting very aggressive with EV SSL pricing and we’re committed to being the low price leader in the category and to making EV more accessible for your small- and mid-sized business customers.

Next, we’re bringing UC/SAN certificates to OpenSRS. For those who have been asking about UC/SAN certs, the wait is over – you can now add the UC/SAN option to many of our SSL certificate products including Symantec, GeoTrust and Thawte brands. That further cements your ability to provide the appropriate certificate to your customers no matter the brand, certificate type, price point or level of protection required.

We’ve updated our Trust Service pricing page on to provide you with more information including the new pricing for EV certificates, and which products have the new UC/SAN option.

The SSL pricing chart is getting a bit out of hand (in a good way) with over 40 products, so we added some nifty filtering and sorting options that let you narrow down the product list and zero in on what you want to sell. Check it out!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Drop a comment on this post, visit the OpenSRS forum, or contact Reseller Support.

Get a Year of SiteLock Free for Your Site

Last year we partnered with SiteLock to offer our resellers a great wholesale price on their malware scanning product. Since then, many of you have expressed interest (both enthusiasm and doubt) in the service, the features and the benefits to your clients.

So like buying a car, we want you to take SiteLock out for a test drive, so you can in turn offer it to your customers with confidence. For the next two months we’re offering all of our current resellers one-year free of SiteLock Basic.

All you need to do is buy and implement SiteLock on your own site, then fill out this form for a full rebate. And as a little extra bonus, we’ll randomly select two resellers for a free upgrade to either SiteLock Premium or Enterprise. We’ll have this offer available until August 31, 2012.

Want to know more about SiteLock? We have an archived webinar available that explains the service and features.

Even More Choice in SSL with Comodo SSL Domain Validated Certificates

We’ve just added two great new Comodo SSL products to the already extensive lineup of SSL and trust products available through your OpenSRS Reseller account.

These two new Comodo SSL Digital Certificates — Comodo SSL and Comodo SSL Wildcard — are exclusive to OpenSRS at launch.

Both new products are available today through the Trust Manager tab in OpenSRS Control Panel and via the OpenSRS API. Full pricing and product details for these and the rest of the Comodo SSL product line is available on our website.

Powerful, Affordable Protection

  • Comodo SSL provides powerful, cost-effective security to e-commerce sites. Comodo SSL provides all the same features as the rest of the Comodo SSL line, including 256-bit encryption along with the widely recognized Comodo site seal.
  • Comodo SSL Wildcard adds wildcard support allowing purchasers to protect unlimited sub-domains with a single SSL certificate.

More Choice

These two new SSL products from Comodo further expand the OpenSRS Trust Service product line-up. With even more choice in brands and products across a range of price points, our Resellers have the ability to satisfy the varied security needs of their customers, from individuals to small businesses and right up to the largest enterprise customers.

Sell Trustwave SSL and Win an iPad 2!

Between August 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011, we’re giving our Resellers a chance to win an iPad 2 and some other great prizes as part of a fantastic Trustwave SSL Incentive Program.

Here’s how the Incentive Program works:

Sell at least one Trustwave-branded SSL certificate during August or September, and you’ll automatically receive an entry into a random drawing for the Grand Prize of an Apple iPad 2 from Trustwave and OpenSRS!

Each Trustwave SSL certificate you sell earns you one entry, so the more you sell, the better your chances are to win! Everyone who sells an SSL certificate from Trustwave is automatically entered to win – there’s no signup required.

More Chances to Win

If you’re a first-time Trustwave SSL reseller, we’re going to give you even more chances to win! Sell your very first Trustwave SSL certificate in August or September, and we’ll give you an extra entry!

And for early birds, we’ll have a few surprise drawings sometime in August and September for those who get started selling right away. Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing those surprise draw winners through the OpenSRS Reseller Blog.

We’ll announce the Grand Prize winner of the iPad 2 in early October. Good luck to everyone!

Boosting Sales by Adding SSL to Your Product Line-up

Last week I had the pleasure to host a webinar with one of our new Trust Service partners, Trustwave. In that session, Dan Marfione, Trustwave’s Partner Sales Director, SSL, gave resellers some background on Trustwave and talked at length about how adding SSL to your product line up can help boost sales and help your bottom line.

Some of the key things Dan pointed out during his presentation:

  • SSL isn’t just for banks and big business: there’s a real need for SSL to provide encryption right across the spectrum of Internet users. End-user confidence in Internet data security is not good right now thanks to some recent high-profile hacks. Whether your customers are mid-sized businesses with an e-commerce website, or just a small business that has a small mailing list and collects a little customer data, the transmission of that data needs to be encrypted in order to instill a sense of confidence in customers.
  • Higher-end SSL products like Extended Validation (EV) certificates aren’t just for the big guys anymore: Extended Validation certificates provided end-users with peace of mind. Not only is their data encrypted, but they know who they are sending it to. Again, that’s key in providing confidence to end-users and customers that they can trust who they choose to deal with online.

Customer Education is Key When Offering SSL

When it comes to offering SSL to your customers, Dan pointed out that it’s important to ensure they know what is involved in the process. Whether it’s an Easy Trust domain validated certificate, a Premium SSL organization validated certificate, or a Premium EV extended validation certificate, you need to make sure your customer knows what to expect during the validation process and what documentation is required of them.

Dan did a great job explaining the process from start to finish for each certificate type so you can be sure to not only make the initial sale, but also make sure that your customer gets that certificate validated and issued as quickly as possible.

To help you understand the buying and provisioning process, I showed you how easy the new Trust Manager in the OpenSRS Control Panel makes it to provision a new SSL certificate. I went step-by-step through the process of ordering, validating and receiving an Easy Trust domain-validated SSL certificate and showed you the emails that go out, and explained the process that your customers will go through to have an SSL certificate ordered and in their inbox in minutes.

On-demand Recording Available

If you missed the presentation, we’ve archived the session for you on Click here and you’ll be able to view that recording on-demand, at any time.

For more information on Trustwave and the full line up of Trustwave SSL products available through OpenSRS, including the lowest cost DV certificate we offer, visit the Trustwave SSL product page.

Congratulations to Our Winners

We also want to pass along our congratulations to three lucky attendees. Thanks to Trustwave, we gave away an iPad 2, an iPod Touch and a $25 iTunes gift card to three attendees in a random drawing following the webinar.

  • Jason Klien was the winner of the iPad
  • Doug McIntyre won the iPod Touch
  • Arvind Parmar will receive the iTunes gift card.

Decommissioning the Older OpenSRS SSL Service

Late last year we rolled out the OpenSRS Trust Service which is meant to replace the existing older SSL Service. At the time we said that we would be migrating existing SSL certificate orders to this new Trust Service sometime in the future and that we planned to eventually decommission the older SSL Service.

Today we’re announcing a few things around that migration and decommissioning plan to all Resellers so you can plan accordingly:

Effective November 1, 2011, we’re going to decommission the older SSL Service platform along with the TPP API for SSL.

After that date, it will no longer be possible to use the RWI2 to provision or manage SSL certificates Use of the TPP API for SSL will also be disabled.

Please note: the Managed DNS Service which also uses the TPP API and RWI2 will continue to function normally after November 1, 2011.

As part of this shutdown, we’ll be migrating existing SSL orders from the older SSL Service to the new OpenSRS Control Panel Trust Manager. That migration will also happen on November 1, 2011.

If you are wondering if this has an impact on you, here’s some help to figure that out:

API User Impacts

For resellers with API integrations with OpenSRS for SSL:

If you have an API integration for SSL with the older TPP API:

  • If you have an API integration that uses the older TPP API, then you are affected – you need to move your API integration to the newer OpenSRS API prior to November 1, 2011.

If you have an API integration for SSL with the newer OpenSRS API:

  • If you have an API integration for SSL that uses the OpenSRS API (the same one as the Domain Service uses), then you are already using the new Trust Service and there’s nothing you need to do.

Non-API User Impacts

For those who don’t use the API, but who do provision and manage SSL certificates through OpenSRS, there are two possible scenarios:

If you use the RWI2 to provision and manage SSL:

  • If you have existing SSL orders in the older SSL system (managed from RWI2), those orders will be migrated to the new Trust Service on November 1, 2011. You won’t need to do anything to make that migration happen, but you should prepare by familiarizing yourself with the new Trust Manager.

If you use the Trust Manager to provision and manage SSL:

  • If you already use the Trust Service and Trust Manager in the new Control Panel for all your SSL orders, then you are all set. Nothing will change.

End-User Impacts

In all cases, there is no impact on existing SSL certificates. You won’t need to reissue any certificates and there won’t be any impact to your customers’ SSL certificates.

More Information

We have more information available including a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any concerns about this move and how it may impact you, or your customers, please don’t hesitate to call Reseller Support. Contact information is available here.

Announcing Comodo and Trustwave SSL products, plus Lower Pricing on GeoTrust and thawte

Today we’re announcing a number of changes to the OpenSRS Trust Service to make it easier for you to sell SSL and trust products to your customers.

Here’s a portion of the official news release:

TORONTO, Mar. 16 – Tucows Inc. (NYSE AMEX:TCX) (TSX:TC), a global provider of domain names, email and other Internet services, announced today that its wholesale Internet services division, OpenSRS, has added Comodo® and Trustwave® Internet security products to the OpenSRS Trust Service. The addition of these two brands further extends and enhances the choice in trust and security products available to its over 11,000 resellers worldwide.

Along with adding new providers, OpenSRS also announced lower wholesale pricing on a number of GeoTrust® and thawte® brand SSL Digital Certificates. This cost decrease allows OpenSRS Resellers to better compete on price in an evolving market for online security and trust. Read the full release…

In short, here’s what we’re doing today:

New Vendors – Comodo and Trustwave!

Starting today, we now offer SSL products from two new vendors – Comodo and Trustwave – bringing you and your customers much more choice in SSL products. Adding these two vendors alongside our existing products from VeriSign, GeoTrust and thawte means there are now well over 20 different SSL products available across five vendors and at different feature and price points– all available to you through your single OpenSRS account.

Lower Pricing on some GeoTrust and thawte SSL Products

We’re also announcing new lower pricing on some SSL products from GeoTrust and thawte. This better pricing will help you out in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market for trust and SSL. Price charts on have been updated with the new, lower pricing, where indicated.

More Information

We’ve updated our Trust Service webpages with all the new information including updated product grids for all five brands. You’ll also find marketing materials including logos and other information for our new vendors, Comodo and Trustwave, along with existing materials for VeriSign, GeoTrust and thawte.

As mentioned, everything is already live in your OpenSRS Reseller account. Just log in to the Reseller Web Interface, then look for the Trust Manager link. Documentation has also been updated to reflect the addition of the new vendors and products.

Introducing VeriSign Partner Grab and Go – Easy SSL Marketing

We’re really pleased to be the first wholesale registrar to offer the VeriSign Partner Progam’s Grab and Go SSL marketing content to our reseller base. Grab and Go is a great new service that makes it easy for you to build and maintain your SSL and trust marketing webpages.

There’s a variety of content modules to choose from – including VeriSign, GeoTrust and thawte product brands. Based on iframes, it’s easy to use: look at the modules you want, and cut and paste the code to your desired template page. The iframe content is dynamically served (or populated), so it’s always kept up-to-date on your site without any action required on your part. It’s a great way to make sure that you always have the “latest and greatest” marketing materials on your site to sell more SSL.

Get Started Today!

Get started with VeriSign Partner Grab and Go, provided by OpenSRS, by visiting the Grab and Go website. You’ll learn more about how the content modules work, and how to get them installed in your own site so you can either maximize your existing SSL and trust sales, or get started with selling SSL.

See it in Person at Parallels Summit 2011

And if you are at the Parallels Summit in Orlando, FL this week, be sure to drop by the OpenSRS booth in the Expo Hall (Booth 102). Both OpenSRS and VeriSign Partner Program people will be there at the show. We can demonstrate how Grab and Go works, and talk to you about the opportunities available for selling SSL and trust products to your customers.

Introducing OpenSRS Trust Service

Today we’re very excited to announce that OpenSRS is rolling out a brand new Trust Service that incorporates the first phase of the long-awaited new control panels for the OpenSRS platform and that we’re adding SSL certificates and other trust products and services into the OpenSRS API.

If you haven’t yet tapped into the opportunities that selling SSL and Trust products offer, then this represents a great time to look into how you can integrate SSL and trust into your existing offering.

Here’s what is happening today:

  • We’re changing the name of our SSL Service to OpenSRS Trust Service to better reflect a broadening of the product line from just SSL Certificates to things like malware scanning products and enhanced trust seals.
  • OpenSRS Trust Service is now part of the OpenSRS API and the current TPP API for SSL and DNS is being deprecated to allow for easier integration of Trust Services using a single OpenSRS API.
  • We’re rolling out a brand new control panel for the Trust Service with enhanced usability and function. We’ll be moving the Domain Service and Email Service to this new single control panel over the next little bit.

New VeriSign Malware Scanning and Trust Seal, and GeoTrust Unlimited Server Licenses

We’re also adding a couple of new products and services to the Trust Service. As of today, all VeriSign SSL certificates purchased through the Trust Service will now include malware scanning and a new Trust Seal that will give further assurance to site visitors that they can trust the security of the website they are using. The malware scanning and trust seal are included at no additional cost. We’re also bringing unlimited server licenses to all GeoTrust SSL products – one GeoTrust SSL certificate can now be installed on as many servers as required.

More Information

We have lots more information available about both the Trust Service, and also the changes to the OpenSRS API.

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