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Ting First Customer Bonus

PrintIf you’ve been thinking about promoting Ting to your customers, now is a great time to start because we’ve added a new bonus. When you sign up your first customer to Ting using your Offers referral URL code, your OpenSRS account will be credited a bonus $50.

But I know some of you are thinking, “Darn, I just signed up my first customer to Ting last week.” Don’t despair, the computer code behind the bonus is going all the way back to March 1, 2013.

Please note, regardless of when your first customer signs up, the bonuses will be applied at the beginning of each month when the process runs.

If you haven’t experienced Ting yet, or are unsure of network coverage in your area, but would like to before recommending it to customers, sign up for the Taste of Ting trial and we’ll get you set up. We have a bit of a waiting list, but we’re working our way through it as quickly as possible.

Ting Offers: Updated for BYOSD

Great news! We’ve updated the backend of Ting Offers to now include customers who bring their own Sprint device to Ting; including phones purchased through Glyde. Previously customers who chose those options didn’t receive an account credit and the resellers who referred them didn’t receive credit for the account. As of Monday, we’ve updated the Offers system to support those customers who will now receive a $25 service credit on their account and resellers will receive their referral credit in the same fashion as new customers.

In regards to the end-user experience for BYOD; we know it still needs some work to provide a cleaner and clearer path for customers. Rest assured, if a user clicks through your URL to get the cookie, and then visits, the end user will get a $25 credit and the reseller is assigned to that user for their bounty or revenue share. We are actively working to provide the end user a clearer path for this process so they know they’re getting the discount throughout the process.

Just a reminder the Ting offers have changed as well today, as we’ve mentioned before. Please make sure you’ve updated your communications to reflect the changes.

As we continue to develop Ting and the Offers plan for resellers, please continue to send in your feedback.

Announcing Taste of Ting

One of the biggest requests we’ve heard from potential Ting resellers is an interest in trying out Ting before recommending it to clients. We think that’s a great idea! We now have 10 35 HTC EVO 4G LTE phones to ship out for a 30-day trial. We’re even including a $25 service credit to help you get started and to test out the network in your area. Plus, you’ll see how great the Ting user experience is, from the online tools to the help forums to the customer support.

To get started, click on over to to sign up. We’ll let you know once a device is ready.

Update: the first batch of devices will be going out next week.

Update 2: demand has been higher than I originally expected, so I’ve added more phones to the trial pool to get devices out to you as soon as possible.

Embeddable Ting Savings Calculator

Here is an easier way to tell your customers about Ting and demonstrate the savings they can receive. Use our embeddable savings calculator on your own site. We’ve taken out links back to, so all you need to do is show a link/banner with your referral code to direct people to the Ting site.

Here is the embed code:

<iframe src=”” width=”900″ height=”500″ frameborder=0></iframe>

If you don’t know what to do with that (or have any problems) and you would like to have a Ting savings calculator on your site, we are happy to help. Just comment here and we will have someone geeky get back to you.

And for larger customers, head over to the Ting marketing resources page and download our spreadsheet for calculating savings for clients with lots of devices. Its an effective way to show small businesses the ROI they can expect when they switch their company to Ting.

New Ting phones, more Offers options and Ting for Business

For our resellers in the US who are either already offering Ting phone service through OpenSRS Offers, or thinking about it, Ting recently added a whole bunch of new phones to their device line-up including the latest addition which happened earlier today – the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The Galaxy SIII is one of the hottest Android phones around with a super-bright 4.8″ display, dual-core processor running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And it’s also the first smartphone offered by Ting that works with Sprint’s new and ultrafast 4G LTE network (where available).

It’s available for pre-order through Ting now, with delivery to customers expected in about 3-6 weeks.

The Galaxy SIII is definitely at the top of the smartphone technology heap, but remember that Ting has a wide variety of feature phones, smartphones and data devices at various price points so your customers can get the right device for their needs. Check out the Ting blog for the latest news.

Ting for Business

We’re also getting ready to roll out a whole bunch of new content to help you make the case that Ting is great for small business users – things like being able to have multiple devices on a single account (with truly pooled usage to help save money), easy-to-use management features, and travel-friendly mobile devices that help your business customers cut costs.

We’ll have much more about how Resellers can effectively offer Ting for Business in an upcoming webinar early in September, so stay tuned.

New options for Resellers in OpenSRS Offers

Last but certainly not least, you may have missed the recent addition of some new options for Resellers using OpenSRS Offers to bring Ting to your customers. At launch we had a single offer of $50 off a device purchase and a 25% revenue share for Resellers for two years and that remains for those looking for a nice balance of savings for your customers and a new recurring revenue source for you.

We listened to feedback and added three new offers to give you more choices in how you reward yourself and your customers:

New, one-time payment options:

  • $50 off a device purchase for your customer, and a $50 one-time payment for you on activation.
  • $25 off a device purchase for your customer, and a $75 one-time payment for you on activation.

New, higher revenue share option:

  • $25 off a device purchase for your customer, and a 30% revenue share for you for two years.

As always, visit the Ting OpenSRS Offers page, and the Ting website for more information.

People Love Ting

The People Love Ting page on the Ting site delivers two clear, important messages to any of you out there selling Ting or thinking about selling Ting.

  • Your customers will be treated well. People are shocked by the accessibility and quality of our customer support and all the little ways (in our pricing, policies, rapid responses and improvements, etc.) that we simply do right by customers. Also check out our Facebook page, our Twitter mentions and this recent Yahoo! Answers thread.
  • We are getting some high profile press and tons of great blogger reviews. This means some of your customers will have already heard of us. It also means that those who research us after your recommendation will like what they see. All this makes your job much easier.

New Ting Offers Available

We have added three new options in OpenSRS Offers to sell Ting mobile phone service to your customers.

At launch, we had a single offer:

  • $50 device purchase credit, with a 25% revenue share for the reseller (for two years)

The new offers now available are:

  • $25 device purchase credit, with a 30% revenue share for the reseller (for two years)
  • $25 device purchase credit, with a $75 one-time payment for the reseller
  • $50 device purchase credit, with a $50 one-time payment for the reseller

The idea here is to provide a variety of compensation models to suit your needs. Some resellers asked for a payment up front, others wanted that revenue share for two years. And some resellers told us that they didn’t need to provide as big an incentive to their customers, so we provided those options as well (with an appropriate increase in the reseller share).

Feel free to utilize any or all of the Ting Offers, depending on your specific circumstances or customer needs.

New marketing resources

We also recently added a few new resources for you to use. You’ll find some print-ready device information cards for all of the devices we currently carry. They are available in PDF format and look great printed on a 5.5” x 8.5” card.

Download Ting marketing resources.

And, in case you missed the blog post a couple of weeks back, we also now have a Ting savings calculator that you can embed in your own site, or even on a Facebook page.

Learn more and get the code.

Talking About Ting

In our recent webinar about selling Ting, ultramarathoner James Koole suggested that you should “host more of the conversation on your side than ours.” I want to share a piece of data to support that point, elaborate on it a bit and see if I can offer you some help.

First the data. Looking at the traffic coming through our reseller landing pages on Ting, we see that 9% of the traffic has produced 80% of the accounts. Said differently, we are seeing a bunch of resellers who drive, for example, 200 visits with no conversions and a bunch of resellers who drive, for example, 4 visits with 3 conversions. The 200 visitors are probably coming through some sort of logo or link dropped on a homepage. The 4 visitors obviously knew quite a lot about Ting before they ever got there.

Your customers will likely not yet know anything about Ting. We do the best we can on our site to establish credibility and address potential concerns. But, in the end, we are still strangers. The best thing we have going for us is your endorsement.

Think about your own buying decisions. Familiarity and trust is everything. A blog post from you explaining the Ting plans will inevitably be so much more powerful than our own Ting plans page. Sharing how much you have saved a month with Ting will be so much more relevant than dozens of our own testimonials (from yet more strangers). Offering to walk your customers through the savings calculator to see if they will save money themselves will be absolutely invaluable.

The days of slapping affiliate links on your site and hoping to see conversions are over. Your customers rightfully expect to know what Ting is all about and why you are recommending it before they even visit our site. And they will not convert to any of our satisfaction if they don’t get that from you.

I don’t have more advice to offer on selling Ting in your own words. Be helpful. Be honest. I do, however, have one more thought on hosting more of the conversation on your side than ours.

We recently put the Ting savings calculator on our Ting Facebook page. Then, we took it a step further and put it on our separate Hover Facebook page. This work pretty much paves the way for you to embed this calculator on your site, Facebook page or anywhere else you want. Again, it might not seem profoundly different than sending your customers to our site. But I believe having this tool on your side, surrounded by your thoughts and suggestions, will drive more interaction and have far greater impact. It also does even more to reinforce your role as a trusted provider and expert.

You can add the savings calculator to your Facebook page easily. You’ll find more info and the link here.

If you want to add it to your site, there’s just a bit of work that needs to be done. We are happy to help. Just send an email to our own doctor of Ting reseller love, Mark Klein, at

Meanwhile, please join us in the Ting discussion forum to offer any questions, thoughts or concerns about how we can help you succeed.

On-Demand Webinar – Ting and OpenSRS Offers

Last week I teamed up with Scott Allan, Director at Ting, to host a webinar to talk about the addition of Ting to our OpenSRS Offers service.

For those who aren’t aware, Ting is a new mobile phone service that Tucows launched in the US earlier this year.

Through OpenSRS Offers, we’re providing our Resellers with a way to bring Ting to your customers and get a nice reward in the process. Your customers get $50 off their first device purchase, you get 25% of the net revenue that they generate as a Ting customer for the first two years.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry. We recorded the whole thing, just like we do for all of our monthly webinars.

View the recorded version on-demand.

Over the course of the hour-long presentation, we covered how Ting works, what makes it different, and we explained Ting’s unique approach to billing and customer service. Plus we provided some tips on how to marketing Ting, what kinds of resources we offer and some guidelines about Ting trademarks.

Everything you need to know about Ting and OpenSRS Offers

A couple of weeks back we added Ting to OpenSRS Offers. It’s a pretty simple proposition: as a reseller you can generate a unique URL, use it to provide a $50 discount on a device purchase for your customers, and then get a share of the revenue generated for two years.

But there’s obviously much more to Ting, and a lot more for us to tell you about how to go about offering Ting service to your customers.

Free webinar!

Next Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 2:00pm EDT, we’re hosting a free webinar to give you a deeper dive into Ting and the opportunity for OpenSRS Resellers.

It’ll be about an hour long with some time for questions at the end. Our aim is that you’ll have a great sense of what Ting is all about, and you’ll have a really good understanding of how to offer it to your customers using OpenSRS Offers.

Presenting will be Scott Allan, Director, Ting and myself, James Koole, Communications Lead, OpenSRS. Between the two of us, we’ll make sure you have the whole story. Scott knows Ting inside and out and will show you around the Ting site and explain the disruptive approach they have taken in creating Ting. I’ll handle the OpenSRS Offers side and make sure you go away with marketing advice and assets you can use to start offering Ting service right away.

Learn more and register today

You can read more about what we’ll talk about over on the webinar page. Like all of our webinars, it’s free and open to everyone to attend. We’ll record it as well, so if you can’t make it on May 29th, sign up anyways and we’ll be sure to send you the link to the recording as soon as it’s posted.

For those who like instant gratification, you can take my word for it that it’ll be great, and go straight to the sign up page by clicking here.

Ting is now in OpenSRS Offers

Starting today OpenSRS Resellers can offer phone service from Tucows’ US mobile phone service, Ting.

You’ll find Ting in OpenSRS Offers – log into the new OpenSRS Control Panel and click the Offers Manager tab. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, and you’ll be assigned a unique URL that you’ll use to send people to Ting to learn about the service.

What’s the Ting Offer?

  • For your customers: Through OpenSRS Offers, you’ll be able to provide a $50 discount off a device purchase to everyone who you send to Ting.

Ting provides cost-savings and better customer service – the mobile phone service your customers deserve. Businesses (and families) can have unlimited devices on one account and they can pool multiple users together usage for greater savings. You can trust that your customers are in good hands at Ting. We’re quite confident that they’ll thank you for telling them about it.

  • For OpenSRS Resellers: Ting provides an additional source of recurring revenue.

When someone signs up for Ting service using your URL or partner code, you get 25% of net revenue generated by that customer for two years.

More Information

The best place to learn more about Ting and see what makes it different is the Ting website. Try out the savings calculator, look at the plans, and maybe even try the service for yourself. Be sure to check out what people are saying about Ting on the Ting Facebook page and on Twitter.

Here’s an example:

My cell phone bill was so confounding, I'd have a better chance of grasping string theory. Switched to Ting, problem solved. @
Sean Gold

Getting Started

To get started with Ting in OpenSRS Offers, you can visit our OpenSRS Offers information page. There are some nice marketing resources for you including banner ads, logos, and email/web copy in the Offers section of our Resource Center. If you have any questions, drop by the OpenSRS Forums and ask away in the Ting area.

The Ting mobile reseller opportunity

We announced some exciting news today, the public launch of Ting, our US mobile service. We have talked about Ting in the past, both here and other places so if you have no idea what I am talking about maybe take a quick look here first.

Ting logoI wanted to let you know some more about this and especially about how this fits in with OpenSRS and resellers.

Tucows has always been, at its core, focused on being the best supplier of Internet services to service providers around the world. We have approached Ting with that thinking in mind.

We have just completed a closed beta with a couple hundred participants. Over 80% of them were resellers. The closed beta was a great success in that we all learned a lot and there was a great spirit in the group with resellers bringing themselves to the beta as customers BUT keeping well aware that they may be offering the service to their customers one day. This made for a really productive process.

Over the next couple of months, we are going to continue refine the retail Ting experience – from purchase path to fulfillment to customer support. Meanwhile, we would like to start speaking with you now about the reseller opportunity. We would like you to help us design the best wholesale offering possible. We are also looking for a handful of you to participate in a reseller beta and be the first to offer Ting to your customers.

It is worth noting that the primary reason that Sprint has been so supportive of us in bringing this to market is that they share our view that you guys are fantastic distribution partners and together we bring an approach to the market that recognizes that mobile has moved from a phone and voice business to being about small computers connecting to a mobile data network.

Some of you have heard me say that this looks and smells to me just like the early days of the ISP business, which many of us lived through. And that means opportunity.

We have set up a simple form on the site for you to fill out if you are interested in partnering with us on Ting. We will follow up shortly with more information.

Please also indicate if you might be interested in a special discount on Ting for yourselves or your employees. We figure the best way to get you and your team excited about offering this to your customers is to get you to experience the service yourselves. It is also a great way to thank you for all the rest of the business you do with OpenSRS.

It is a big day for us here. We well know that Ting will not succeed to the extent it can without your partnership.

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