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New End-User Mobile Email Configuration Guides Available

Did you know that OpenSRS Email Service works great with the latest smartphones and other mobile Internet devices? Thanks to the fact that we offer IMAP support standard with all mailboxes, end-users with iPhones, iPads, Android devices and BlackBerries can access their OpenSRS Email Service mailboxes natively on their chosen device.

Mobile Email Configuration Guides

To help your customers get email configured on their device, we’ve put together a collection of mobile email configuration guides for the most popular mobile devices. These are white-label docs with text and screenshots that will walk your customers through the process of getting email setup.

Feel free to download and use them as is, or grab the content and adapt it to your specific domain name with your branding. As with all the documentation and marketing materials we provide, it’s free to use and adapt if you are an OpenSRS Reseller.

Download them here

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your feedback on these guides as well. Is there anything you’d change? Have we missed a popular device? Do you want them in a different format? Drop us a line in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.

Happy 5th Birthday .eu!

April 7th, 2011, marks the fifth birthday of the .eu domain extension. Since the launch back in 2006, over 3.4 million .eu domains have been registered. EURid, the operator of .eu, says registrations have doubled in the past 5 years, and that .eu now sits ninth overall amongst all TLDs.

The launch of .eu was particularly strong – about 1.7 million domains were registered that first month back in 2006. According to EURid, since then, “Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia have had the strongest .eu growth rates and Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Poland have emerged as .eu’s largest markets.”

.eu Growth Outpaces ccTLDs in Some Countries

They also point to growth rates higher than the local ccTLD in five EU member countries, including Germany, which has a very strong ccTLD in .de:

Country .eu growth ccTLD growth
Lithuania (.lt) 382% 249%
Czech Republic (.cz) 264% 207%
Austria (.at) 108% 92%
Belgium (.be) 79% 7%
Germany (.de) 65% 43%

.EU Promotion!

To celebrate the fifth birthday, we’re rolling out a .eu promotion starting April 7th, and continuing through the end of May, 2011. Two-year .eu registrations will be just $9.99 (USD) instead of the usual $14. You’ll have to sign up for this promo – complete terms are listed on the .eu promotion signup page.

Changes to how .eu Registrations Work

EURid is also making some changes to the way .eu registrations work to bring them more in line with other TLDs. Effective April 7th, 2011, you’ll be able to register .eu domains for terms of 1-10 years. Previously, .eu domains were only available in one-year terms. We’ve updated our documentation to reflect this change and you should also take note of a couple of other changes to how .eu domains work, specifically around transfers and expiry dates.

More information on .eu

You might want to check out .eu Identity Magazine, which is published by EURid and contains some great information about .eu and the people and companies who are using a .eu domain effectively. It’s available for download in PDF format.

We also provide some marketing assets for your use in promoting .eu. Those can be found in our .eu Marketing Resources section.

OpenSRS Domain Promotions

Are you taking advantage of our domain price promotions? These limited time offers are a great way to drive sales either within your existing customer base, or as a way to attract new customers to the fold.

Right now we have three price promotions going on, including great promos on .TV, .MOBI and .CO domains.

Our .TV promotion has been running since late last year, while the .MOBI promo was just recently extended through to the end of June! We’re just rolling out the .CO promo; it’s similar to the very successful Superbowl-related promotion we ran with .CO back in February. Check it out and signup to get a big discount on .CO domains this month.

How Our Domain Promos Work

Our promotions are usually done in conjunction with the registry operator for the domain extension in question. They extend special pricing to us, and we pass the savings along to you. Generally the registries are looking to lift sales of the extension and as a result, they usually require that you do some active promotion of their extension to your customer base.

That promotion can take the form of an email campaign, banner ads on your homepage, or even something like a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to your site, and to the specific domain extension that is on sale.

We try to make this as easy as possible for you by providing marketing materials like logos and banner ads when we can. For example, for the .TV promotion, we’ve provided a pretty complete package of marketing assets for you to use, including some videos that explain the unique value of .TV domains.

Signup Now

If you haven’t yet signed up for any of the ongoing promotions, head over to our promos page. As mentioned we have a trio of promos on right now:

Thanks to Flickr user “The Justified Sinner” for the pic.

The Elephant In The Room

You work in an intense competitive environment. Customers are always comparing your services and your prices to others’. When you mess up, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get defectors. When a competitor messes up, there’s a good chance you’re going to benefit.

So what do you do when a competitor messes up big? Maybe they have a huge outage. Maybe they get caught up in a legal battle. Maybe a senior employee ends up strangling a giraffe to death. Or just smacking around a monkey.

It is really tempting to call attention to the situation and position yourself as the antidote.

Just a few warnings:

  • Remember that you had your own mess ups in the past and will likely have them in the future. You will have outages. Maybe you once kicked a pigeon. Avoid inviting scrutiny and retaliation that will ultimately hurt you.
  • Be careful not to appear too opportunistic. If you suddenly start donating 10% of your revenues to save porcupines, it might seem more exploitative than generous. Maybe not. Sometimes the outrage is so great and the opportunity is so right. Also, honesty, creativity and humor can go a long way. Just be aware of the risk.
  • Stay on message. You work hard to stand for something. Great service. Innovation. Reliability. If you leap to a very different message because it’s trending on Twitter, you could sacrifice clarity and you might not be playing to your own strengths.

Having said all that, a competitor’s stumble is certainly an opportunity to step up your game. Their customers are going to come looking for alternatives. Make it simple for people to switch. Pound home the benefits of your service. Do all the things you likely do anyway. Just think about using this as an excuse to do them a bit better.

Canadian Small and Medium Business get a leg up from Google

Yesterday, small and medium size businesses (SMBs) in Canada got a gift from Google to jump start their business presence online. Hosted by Kevin O’Leary of Dragon’s Den at the historical Fermenting Cellar, in the Distillery district in Toronto, Canada, SMBs can now get a website & .CA domain for free as part of the “Canada Get your Business online” (GYBO) initiative.

Partnering with Yola inc., CIRA, The Globe and Mail, Rogers, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and Silver Lining Ltd, Google wants to shrink the gap between SMBs lack of online presence and their customers who are using the internet to find them. “Over the next year, we hope to help 100,000 Canadian businesses build websites and reach customers online” says Chris O’Neill, Managing Director Google Canada.

According to Google, there are over 2 million SMBs in Canada, and close to half have no presence online. These rock stars of the Canadian economy need the help to be where their customers are looking for them and this initiative gets them one step closer.

As someone who has been in online marketing for over 11 years, I am extremely excited to see the program launched. SMBs struggle with lack of time, resources, amongst other challenges of starting a business and this initiative helps them conquer one important challenge, and that is an online web presence, with a price tag of FREE. We work with many SMBs, as our resellers do, and can relate to the challenges, so having a program that is focused on helping SMBs is fantastic.

Congratulations to Google, Yola, CIRA and the other partners who are giving small and medium businesses in Canada a leg up! Also, a special Thank you to Rogers for drawing my name to win a Blackberry Torch!

If you’d like more information, go to

Announcing Comodo and Trustwave SSL products, plus Lower Pricing on GeoTrust and thawte

Today we’re announcing a number of changes to the OpenSRS Trust Service to make it easier for you to sell SSL and trust products to your customers.

Here’s a portion of the official news release:

TORONTO, Mar. 16 – Tucows Inc. (NYSE AMEX:TCX) (TSX:TC), a global provider of domain names, email and other Internet services, announced today that its wholesale Internet services division, OpenSRS, has added Comodo® and Trustwave® Internet security products to the OpenSRS Trust Service. The addition of these two brands further extends and enhances the choice in trust and security products available to its over 11,000 resellers worldwide.

Along with adding new providers, OpenSRS also announced lower wholesale pricing on a number of GeoTrust® and thawte® brand SSL Digital Certificates. This cost decrease allows OpenSRS Resellers to better compete on price in an evolving market for online security and trust. Read the full release…

In short, here’s what we’re doing today:

New Vendors – Comodo and Trustwave!

Starting today, we now offer SSL products from two new vendors – Comodo and Trustwave – bringing you and your customers much more choice in SSL products. Adding these two vendors alongside our existing products from VeriSign, GeoTrust and thawte means there are now well over 20 different SSL products available across five vendors and at different feature and price points– all available to you through your single OpenSRS account.

Lower Pricing on some GeoTrust and thawte SSL Products

We’re also announcing new lower pricing on some SSL products from GeoTrust and thawte. This better pricing will help you out in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market for trust and SSL. Price charts on have been updated with the new, lower pricing, where indicated.

More Information

We’ve updated our Trust Service webpages with all the new information including updated product grids for all five brands. You’ll also find marketing materials including logos and other information for our new vendors, Comodo and Trustwave, along with existing materials for VeriSign, GeoTrust and thawte.

As mentioned, everything is already live in your OpenSRS Reseller account. Just log in to the Reseller Web Interface, then look for the Trust Manager link. Documentation has also been updated to reflect the addition of the new vendors and products.

New Control Panels Sneak Preview

Be careful! This is no ordinary blog post. You’re going to need some headphones with the volume turned way up and you’re going to want to be sitting down before you look at what we have to show you.

This is a post about our control panels. People say they’re ugly. This hurt our feelings at first, until we realized that over the past ten years, we’ve added more and more functionality to the control panels, without giving much thought around around how our resellers use them.

Sure, they’re powerful and since we cater to wholesale customers, they have a lot of functionality around the management of bulk domains. But feedback from newer resellers was the learning curve to the system was especially high.

We also learned through our reseller satisfaction surveys, that the design of our current control panels have been the majority of the complaints.

So that’s what we’ve been working on.

These quick video intros and previews are snapshots from our current development environment. That means some things might look different once the control panels are officially released. But we’re coming down the home stretch now and we just couldn’t wait to show them to you.

We believe these control panels, once released will go a long way in helping our resellers streamline how they register, renew, transfer, and manage their customers’ domain names and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you today.

Introducing… your new Domain control panel:

Read the rest of this entry »

International Pi Day Celebration: No Squares Allowed!

Just a reminder folks that March 14th is fast approaching. Do you have plans to celebrate?

We’re not talking about Einstein’s birthday (although I bet he’d be happy to know you remembered). We’re talking about International Pi Day, which happens every March 14 (3.14, get it?)

Pi Day has been celebrated by math enthusiasts and other geeks all over the world since 1988.

For the past few since we’ve been celebrating International Pi Day at OpenSRS, staffers, realizing the date is near will begin to salivate in what some experts have told us is a typical pavlovian response in reaction to the knowledge that a delivery of delicious pies will soon arrive to aid in the celebration!

This year Pi Day falls on Monday and as we gear up for the festivities, we wanted to ask you what plans you have to celebrate. If you’ve been a little pre-occupied, then this post can serve as an important reminder, because everybody likes pie!

If you’re having trouble thinking about how best to celebrate Pi Day, may we suggest a quick visit to your friendly neighbourhood app store for some reasonably priced Pi apps that might help put you in the Pi celebration mood? And if the mood still doesn’t strike (or if you’re using a Blackberry), give walking in circles a try. It worked for us!

Here’s wishing you  a safe and Happy Pi Day!

iPhone and iPad Pi apps

  • Pi App: Unleash your inner nerd by testing how many digits of Pi you know!
  • Pi Cubed: Pi Cubed is a visual math application designed for a touch-based interface. Pi Cubed lets you construct, typeset, and instantly evaluate mathematical expressions using an interactive menu system.
  • Pi Search HD: Quickly and easily look for phone numbers, birthdays, lottery numbers, names and more, in the infinite numbers of Pi.
  • piClock: piClock scrolls through a ribbon of digits from the number pi to find the current time and date.

Pi Apps for Android

  • SpeedPi: How fast is your Android? Find out now using Speed Pi!
  • Pi (3.14159…): How many digits of Pi can you memorize?
  • Pimorize Pi Memorizer: Test your ability to remember the digits of Pi. Helps memorizing pi. Also shows days remaining until PI Day.
  • Pi Trainer: Learn pi or test your memory with Pi Trainer by Pi Trainer is a simple game produced by as a tool to spread the knowledge of Pi.

Pi Apps for Blackberry

  • Sadly, we couldn’t find any Pi apps for the Blackberry. The app store also told us we should be running Windows to properly use the store. Not sure what that’s about. Sorry Blackberry fans, we tried!

More Pi Resources

.TV Marketing and Promotional Videos for Resellers

Did you know that we have a series of excellent promotional videos for you that will help you explain the value of .TV domains to your customers? We worked closely with VeriSign, the .TV domain registry operator, to create these great videos that explain why .TV domains are the best choice for hosting video content online. They’re available to download and use for all OpenSRS Resellers.

Six Videos in All

There are six videos all together, including four interview-style videos with some interesting people who are using their .TV domains to do some really innovative things with web video. The other two videos in the series are tutorials – the first helps explain the unique value of .TV domains in identifying sites with video content, while the second provides some great tips and techniques for your customers to consider so they can put their .TV domains to good use.

As you’d expect, these are unbranded, white-label videos that are ready to be used in your marketing efforts around .TV domains.

Visit the Marketing section of the Resource Center to see what’s available and download the full set. Look for the .TV Marketing Videos section.

Here’s a sample video to give you a sense of the content you’ll find:

Get .TV Domains at a Great Price

Keep in mind that we also have a .TV domain pricing promo going on right now. Last year we lowered the cost for new .TV domains to $19.00/year through the end of May, 2011 (regular price is $35/year, and that discount is paid through a monthly rebate). But in addition to that promotion, we also rolled out an opt-in promo that allows you to save even more. Sign up and do some promotion around .TV domains – and these videos are a perfect way to do just that – and you’ll get new .TV domain registrations for just $12/year!

Click here for full terms and conditions and to signup for this promo.

Domains Industry News Round-up

It has been a busy start to the year across the domain name industry. A couple of registries have already reached significant milestones this year, and the industry as a whole continues to grow at a steady rate.

.COM.AU and .ORG Hit Milestones

On the ccTLD-front, AusRegistry reported that they reached two million domains under management this week. There are some pretty tight rules surrounding the registration of domain names, so the figure represents an impressive milestone for Australia. Given it’s relatively small population, it’s clear that Australians see value in domain names and that the extension provides a sense of trust for both those using domains and also for Internet users in the country.

Public Interest Registry (PIR) who operate the .org registry also hit a milestone, announcing recently that they had surpassed nine million domains under management. They also noted that growth in 2010 was 10.3% for the extension. The .org domain has added more than five million domains since 2005 and is the third largest generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the world.

VeriSign Domain Industry Brief

February also saw the release of the latest issue of the VeriSign Domain Industry Brief. This quarterly report looks at all sectors of the domain world and identifies interesting trends and stats in gTLDs and ccTLDs, and provides a good evaluation of the health of the industry as a whole.

The latest brief showed continued growth in domains under management with 205.3 million domain registrations across all TLDs. That’s a year-over-year growth rate of about 6.3%. In ccTLDs, a total of 80.1 million domains are registered representing a year-over-year growth rate of 0.3%. Its important to note that growth in ccTLDs was affected by a contraction in the number of .cn domains under management as a result of significant restrictions placed on new and current .cn registrations by the Chinese government.

Strong growth seen in .org and across a number of ccTLDs

Of the 205.3 million total domains registered, 105.2 million are .com or .net, showing that those two gTLD extensions still command some impressive numbers despite the rise in ccTLDs over the past few years. On the ccTLD side, .de leads the way, outpacing even .net to stand as the second largest registry in the world. Second amongst ccTLDs is .uk, followed by .cn and then .nl, .eu and .ru.

Growth wise, a number of larger ccTLDs experienced better than industry-average growth this year, including Poland (.pl), Australia (.au), Canada (.ca) and Switzerland (.ch).

How to Take Advantage

While these numbers and reports make for some interesting reading, it’s also important to note that they can be a great help in identifying potential growth markets, and in evaluating your own businesses. ccTLDs with above average growth rates are often indicative of countries where the Internet industry as a whole is seeing expansion. You don’t have to look far to see opportunities in places like Poland, or in Central America and Mexico in particular. Currently the top 10 ccTLDs represent 61% of all ccTLDs registered, but as countries and economies emerge, expect to see that number drop as the Internet penetrates new, growing markets.

To evaluate your own business, look at industry renewal and growth rates. Renewal rates for .com and .net rose slightly to about 73% in Q4, 2010. Is that in line with what you see in your business? Keep in mind that your rates should probably exceed that as the renewal rates for domains “in use” or attached to hosting tend to be higher than the overall average.

All in all, it has been another good year for the industry as a whole. Based on early news from registries like .au and .org, 2011 is looking solid as well.

Introducing VeriSign Partner Grab and Go – Easy SSL Marketing

We’re really pleased to be the first wholesale registrar to offer the VeriSign Partner Progam’s Grab and Go SSL marketing content to our reseller base. Grab and Go is a great new service that makes it easy for you to build and maintain your SSL and trust marketing webpages.

There’s a variety of content modules to choose from – including VeriSign, GeoTrust and thawte product brands. Based on iframes, it’s easy to use: look at the modules you want, and cut and paste the code to your desired template page. The iframe content is dynamically served (or populated), so it’s always kept up-to-date on your site without any action required on your part. It’s a great way to make sure that you always have the “latest and greatest” marketing materials on your site to sell more SSL.

Get Started Today!

Get started with VeriSign Partner Grab and Go, provided by OpenSRS, by visiting the Grab and Go website. You’ll learn more about how the content modules work, and how to get them installed in your own site so you can either maximize your existing SSL and trust sales, or get started with selling SSL.

See it in Person at Parallels Summit 2011

And if you are at the Parallels Summit in Orlando, FL this week, be sure to drop by the OpenSRS booth in the Expo Hall (Booth 102). Both OpenSRS and VeriSign Partner Program people will be there at the show. We can demonstrate how Grab and Go works, and talk to you about the opportunities available for selling SSL and trust products to your customers.

Meet Our Reseller: Hostnet

Hostnet offers hosting and domain services in the Netherlands

Like many hosting companies, Hostnet started small. But thanks to a continued focus on the needs of its customers and a long-standing commitment to innovative technology and superior customer support, Hostnet has grown to become one of the leading providers of hosting and domain services in the Netherlands.

The company was started in 1998 by a pair of students providing web-design services. Soon, they realized that they needed a more recurring revenue model upon which they could grow their business.

Providing hosting and domain (domeinnaam in dutch) registrations was the natural extension that served the needs both of existing customers and allowed them to expand their customer base.

“Hostnet started out as a small ISP, offering web-design and SEO services to go with them,” says Merijn de Brabander, Business Manager, Hostnet. “It only made sense to add hosting services and domain registrations, and at that point things really took off for the company.”

Hostnet: Hosting is a growing market.

It was about five years ago that Hostnet completely shifted the focus to hosting and business services and they have been growing quickly ever since. The company now boasts nearly 60 employees working out of an office overlooking the IJ river in Amsterdam serving hundreds of thousands of customers who run the gamut from individuals to small and mid-sized businesses.

Hostnet is regarded as a leader in the Dutch hosting space, offering a one-stop shop where customers can get online, create brand awareness and grow their business or personal online presence. Hostnet offers low-cost domains, hosting and other solutions aimed at Small and Medium Business including email, Hosted Exchange and SSL certificates. For Large and Enterprise customers Hostnet offers high performance hosting services like Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Hostnet and OpenSRS Long-time Partnership

Hostnet has been an OpenSRS domain reseller since 2000 and uses OpenSRS to power domain registrations and management for a large part of their domain portfolio with the exception of the larger european domain registrations (Hostnet are themselves a .nl, .eu and .be accredited registrar).

De Brabander says the partnership with OpenSRS has played a key role in the company’s growth.

“Working with OpenSRS for the last ten years has contributed to the improvement our services,” he says. “Also, we were very excited to hear that Thorsten Einig has joined OpenSRS and we look forward to an even closer relationship with OpenSRS.” [editors note: Thorsten Einig joined OpenSRS in October, 2010 as the Managing Director for Europe and is based in Amsterdam].

Hostnet Premium Hosting Support

With a customer base of small and mid-sized businesses, support is an important consideration. Hostnet offers a full helpdesk site with tutorials, FAQs and other resources to help their customers use the hosting an domain services. And they have a full customer support team to provide the enhanced level of customer support that their business base requires.

De Brabander says the company knows providing top-notch support is a must. “We try to stay on top of the customer support by constantly adding easy-to-use features to our website and our hosting and domain services, as well as improving the communications skills of our employees,” he says.

Ensuring the company is stocked with top talent is another way it stays in the lead in a very competitive environment. Hostnet recruits from nearby Delft University of Technology, one of the best engineering and technical schools in the country.

The company’s commitment to its employees starts the day they walk in the door. New employees will find a bicycle waiting for them on their first day–bikes being a common mode of transportation in the Netherlands.

Discussing New TLDs at .nxt conference

Last week, I joined close to 200 other attendees at the inaugural .nxt conference in San Francisco. The conference, which was sponsored in part by OpenSRS, brought together industry leaders to discuss the impact of ICANN’s new Top Level Domains (TLD) program, which will likely see hundreds of new domain name extensions introduced to the Internet.

The conference featured a wide range of keynote speakers and sessions. Among the highlights was an update on the new TLD process from ICANN SVP Kurt Pritz (pictured below), a keynote by .CO registry CEO Juan Diego Calle on the runaway success of their re-launch, and an executive roundtable discussion (which included our CEO, Elliot Noss) on a wide variety of topics related to new TLDs.

In between the keynotes and excellent hallway conversations, I also attended some great sessions. And at the end of the two-day conference, I went home with several key takeaways:

  • Registrars are keen to carry new TLDs, but will be discerning about which they choose to sell. In the “Working With Registrars” session, I appeared on a panel with representatives from Go Daddy, VeriSign, Oversee and Network Solutions to discuss the opportunities and challenges new TLD operators faced when promoting their extension to registrars. It quickly became apparent that registrars were most interested in offering TLDs that had a compelling value proposition, would be easy to implement, and would be accompanied by strong marketing support.
  • People are still holding their cards very close to their chest. Obviously, lots of bids have already surfaced (here’s a partial list of potential applicants). However, some attendees were still hesitant to reveal details about their application. To me, this indicated we may have only seen a small fraction of interested applicants thus far.
  • The launch of new TLDs is not a matter of if, but when. Barring an eleventh-hour turnaround, the new TLD program will be approved and more forward. The next question is: when will it happen? Latest estimates have new TLDs fully operational by 2013, but that’s not a timeline set in stone. More details should emerge following ICANN’s upcoming international meeting in San Francisco.

The conference was a great opportunity to discuss one of the biggest Internet developments in recent years with some of the industry’s leaders. Once ICANN approves the new TLD program, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the announcement of the next .nxt conference.

Thanks to .net conference organizer Kieren McCarthy for the photos of the show and for putting them out under a Creative Commons License.

Holiday Hours: Family Day, Monday February 21

serviceguy-familyday-smallHappy Family Day from the OpenSRS team!

We’ll be closed this Monday for Ontario’s Family Day holiday. We’re looking forward to spending some quality time with our loved ones.

Our Technical Support team continues to be available 24/7 to assist you.

Please note that during this closure, there will be:

  • No orders or requests processed for the following TLD’s: (.at, .fr, .nl, .ch, .li, .dk,
  • No special processing for .ca (registrant transfers, conflicting and municipal registrations) or .eu/.be (redemptions).

Here are the hours by department:

Department Dates and Hours
Technical Support Regular hours
Payments Email support:
Compliance Closed Feb. 21
Service Bureau Closed Feb. 21

StopBadware: Request for Comments Part II

A short while ago, I wrote about our friends at StopBadware and their initiative to draft a document that covers best practices when dealing with malware of all kinds.

The support received been fantastic and they’re now on the second draft of the RFC. This is an important issue that affects all of us. If you have something to say, StopBadware would really appreciate your feedback before this Friday (Feb 11).

From the StopBadware blog:

About two weeks ago, we put out an initial request for comments on a public draft of our new best practices. This RFC was met with insightful, eminently practical advice from our expert working group and the security community. After incorporating some of the suggestions from these groups, we have a second draft of the Practices ready for review and comment. The second public draft of StopBadware’s Best Practices for Web Hosting Providers: Responding to Malware Reports is available here in doc andpdf format.

This is intended to be the last draft of the Practices; we’ll be accepting comments until Friday, February 11, 2011. The final best practices document will be publicly available within a few weeks.  Thanks to all those from our community and the security industry who have given us such dedicated thought and creativity during the course of this project!

You can join our mailing list here.

About StopBadware

StopBadware originated at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society in 2006. In 2010, they spun off as a non-profit organization with the support of Google, PayPal, and Mozilla. Their board of directors, chaired by PayPal Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett, also includes Vint Cerf (Google), Esther Dyson (EDventure), Paul Mockapetris (Nominum), Mike Shaver (Mozilla), and our executive director, Maxim Weinstein.

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