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Meet our Reseller:

hostingsolutions_logoWe’re back with another reseller profile. This time we take a look at one of Italy’s leading hosts, Hosting Solutions.

They’ve offered a range of hosting services in the Italian market since 1999. Like many OpenSRS resellers, they provide top-notch customer support combined with quality hosting, all at a fair price. It’s a solid formula for success.

Thanks to Alessio Fanfano from Hosting Solutions for taking the time to tell us about the business.

Read the article.

Meet our Reseller: Brain Host

Akron, Ohio based Brain Host is a great example of a newer entrant in the hosting space that is succeeding thanks to a bit of a different approach.

With an extensive background in marketing, the founders of Brain Host recognized that their customers were looking for a website rather than hosting. By tailoring their own marketing to attract and support small- and mid-sized business customers, they’ve been able to grow quickly in a very competitive market.

Brain Host extends that passion for helping their customers succeed by providing support that goes well beyond technical support. They know that having successful customers is the key to their own success.

Read the full profile here.

Meet our Reseller:

The logo from Hoster.byWe’re back with another OpenSRS Reseller profile – this time we talked to, the largest hosting provider in Belarus.

We’re happy to be working with who came to OpenSRS about a year ago and have been growing their business quite rapidly. They not only provide hosting services to individual, small and mid-sized and even some of the largest enterprise customers in Belarus, but they also recently took over the operation of the .by ccTLD.

You can read more about here.

Meet Our Reseller: WebsPlanet

We’re back with another reseller profile – this time we’re looking at WebsPlanet.

This company, based in Israel and the US, provides easy-to-use, yet powerful online presence creation tools to companies servicing small and mid-sized business. The company just recently became a reseller in order to offer domain registrations, email and other services to compliment its existing suite.

You can read the full profile here.

We’re thrilled to be working with WebsPlanet!

People Love Ting

The People Love Ting page on the Ting site delivers two clear, important messages to any of you out there selling Ting or thinking about selling Ting.

  • Your customers will be treated well. People are shocked by the accessibility and quality of our customer support and all the little ways (in our pricing, policies, rapid responses and improvements, etc.) that we simply do right by customers. Also check out our Facebook page, our Twitter mentions and this recent Yahoo! Answers thread.
  • We are getting some high profile press and tons of great blogger reviews. This means some of your customers will have already heard of us. It also means that those who research us after your recommendation will like what they see. All this makes your job much easier.

Meet our Reseller: Pickaweb/Merkaweb

We’re back with another article in our popular “Meet our Reseller” series. This time around we’re featuring OpenSRS Reseller They’ve been using OpenSRS since 2002 for both their UK-based brand, Pickaweb, as well as their Spanish sister company

The story of Pickaweb is a great one – husband and wife team Tony Messer and Pilar Torres Wahlberg literally started the company in a spare room of their home and have grown steadily since, now serving 20,000 customers in the UK and Spain.

Pickaweb’s approach is simple – take the fear out of the Internet for their customers through a commitment to great customer service combined with a willingness and passion to take the time to explain how anyone can use the web to grow their business.

It’s a great success story! We’re very proud to have Pickaweb as an OpenSRS reseller. Read the full article.

Trustwave MadLocks Game Update Available

An updated version of the very fun, and quite popular MadLocks game from Trustwave is available beginning today. You can search for it in the iTunes App Store or use the handy link below to go right there in your browser.

MadLocks was originally introduced at HostingCon 2011 and very quickly became a must-have game for iOS device owners at the show. This new version incorporates a bunch of new levels including an OpenSRS level. You can see a screenshot at right for a sense of what the game levels are like. If you enjoy that game with the upset winged creatures and the pigs, then you’ll like MadLocks.

Trustwave SSL Available through OpenSRS

As mentioned, MadLocks was developed by Trustwave. OpenSRS offers a full range of Trustwave SSL products to resellers through our Trust Service. You can learn more about Trustwave SSL here.

Beware that this game can be addictive. Our American resellers might want to wait until Thanksgiving Day on Thursday before they fire it up on their iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Have fun!

Meet our Reseller: Fastline

Thanks to David Lie, CEO of Fastline for taking part in our latest Meet our Resellers feature. Fastline is based in Haugesund, Norway and offers hosting and other Internet services to clients located primarily in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

David and I talked about the business climate in Norway which, like many other countries, is quite competitive. Fastline is doing well, despite the challenges, by offering great technology alongside excellent customer support — a common theme amongst our most successful resellers.

You can read more about Fastline here.

Fastline is representative of the thousands of OpenSRS Resellers in over one hundred countries around the world who look to OpenSRS to provide reliable domain registrations, trust products, email and other services with support and technology they can depend on. Thanks again to David for telling us about his business.

Meet our Reseller: HostingPanama

A couple of months ago we had the opportunity to sit down with Eduardo Vilá, Chief Sales Officer for HostingPanama while we were at HostingCon 2011. We spoke at length about the business, the market in Panama and beyond, and how HostingPanama’s partnership with OpenSRS is working for them.

You can read more about HostingPanama in the latest article in our Meet Our Resellers series.

We love working with the leading hosting companies in countries around the world – companies just like HostingPanama. And we’re committed to helping all of our resellers to continue to grow their businesses even further. Special thanks to Eduardo and his staff for taking the time to hang out with us in San Diego.

OpenSRS and Parallels Announce Alliance

This morning at HostingCon 2011, OpenSRS and Parallels announced a new partnership that will help Parallels and OpenSRS customers better serve their users with the web services and tools they need to effectively compete and grow.

Direct Integration in Parallels PBA, PBAS and Parallels Plesk

The net result of this new partnership is that OpenSRS will have a direct integration with Parallels Business Automation, Parallels Business Automation Standard and Parallels Plesk Panel billing platforms.

The new Parallels integration will incorporate domain names as well as SSL certificates in the first release. We’re working to get all OpenSRS services fully integrated into Parallels, including email and goMobi as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about Parallels and OpenSRS, drop by our booth at HostingCon this week and we’ll be happy to tell you more. You can read the full news release here.

Meet our Reseller: UsableWeb

We’ve added another great “Meet our Reseller” profile – this time around we’re making the trek over to Greece, where OpenSRS Reseller UsableWeb Ltd is the market leader in hosting and domain registrations for both business and consumers. The operate under two brands: and

I spoke with Usableweb founder Dimitris Anthoulakis and he graciously explained UsableWeb’s approach, talked about their partnership with OpenSRS and provided some really good insights on the Greek hosting market in general. From talking to him, it’s clear that Dimitris sees lots of opportunity for growth in Greece.

“More and more businesses are realizing the importance of an online presence and the Greek market will grow significantly the coming years,” he says. “The fact that Greece ranks 23rd in Europe in terms of Internet penetration means that there are huge opportunities for growth for our company.”

We’re super happy to be working with UsableWeb in Greece!

Click here to read Meet our Reseller: UsableWeb

Meet our Reseller: Webstarts

I just posted the latest in our Meet our Resellers series of articles about the various people and companies that work with OpenSRS.

This latest article takes a look at, which provides a powerful, yet simple to use site builder and hosting solution for small business. The Tampa, Florida based company has been an OpenSRS Reseller since 2009.

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Canadian Small and Medium Business get a leg up from Google

Yesterday, small and medium size businesses (SMBs) in Canada got a gift from Google to jump start their business presence online. Hosted by Kevin O’Leary of Dragon’s Den at the historical Fermenting Cellar, in the Distillery district in Toronto, Canada, SMBs can now get a website & .CA domain for free as part of the “Canada Get your Business online” (GYBO) initiative.

Partnering with Yola inc., CIRA, The Globe and Mail, Rogers, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and Silver Lining Ltd, Google wants to shrink the gap between SMBs lack of online presence and their customers who are using the internet to find them. “Over the next year, we hope to help 100,000 Canadian businesses build websites and reach customers online” says Chris O’Neill, Managing Director Google Canada.

According to Google, there are over 2 million SMBs in Canada, and close to half have no presence online. These rock stars of the Canadian economy need the help to be where their customers are looking for them and this initiative gets them one step closer.

As someone who has been in online marketing for over 11 years, I am extremely excited to see the program launched. SMBs struggle with lack of time, resources, amongst other challenges of starting a business and this initiative helps them conquer one important challenge, and that is an online web presence, with a price tag of FREE. We work with many SMBs, as our resellers do, and can relate to the challenges, so having a program that is focused on helping SMBs is fantastic.

Congratulations to Google, Yola, CIRA and the other partners who are giving small and medium businesses in Canada a leg up! Also, a special Thank you to Rogers for drawing my name to win a Blackberry Torch!

If you’d like more information, go to

Meet Our Reseller: Hostnet

Hostnet offers hosting and domain services in the Netherlands

Like many hosting companies, Hostnet started small. But thanks to a continued focus on the needs of its customers and a long-standing commitment to innovative technology and superior customer support, Hostnet has grown to become one of the leading providers of hosting and domain services in the Netherlands.

The company was started in 1998 by a pair of students providing web-design services. Soon, they realized that they needed a more recurring revenue model upon which they could grow their business.

Providing hosting and domain (domeinnaam in dutch) registrations was the natural extension that served the needs both of existing customers and allowed them to expand their customer base.

“Hostnet started out as a small ISP, offering web-design and SEO services to go with them,” says Merijn de Brabander, Business Manager, Hostnet. “It only made sense to add hosting services and domain registrations, and at that point things really took off for the company.”

Hostnet: Hosting is a growing market.

It was about five years ago that Hostnet completely shifted the focus to hosting and business services and they have been growing quickly ever since. The company now boasts nearly 60 employees working out of an office overlooking the IJ river in Amsterdam serving hundreds of thousands of customers who run the gamut from individuals to small and mid-sized businesses.

Hostnet is regarded as a leader in the Dutch hosting space, offering a one-stop shop where customers can get online, create brand awareness and grow their business or personal online presence. Hostnet offers low-cost domains, hosting and other solutions aimed at Small and Medium Business including email, Hosted Exchange and SSL certificates. For Large and Enterprise customers Hostnet offers high performance hosting services like Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Hostnet and OpenSRS Long-time Partnership

Hostnet has been an OpenSRS domain reseller since 2000 and uses OpenSRS to power domain registrations and management for a large part of their domain portfolio with the exception of the larger european domain registrations (Hostnet are themselves a .nl, .eu and .be accredited registrar).

De Brabander says the partnership with OpenSRS has played a key role in the company’s growth.

“Working with OpenSRS for the last ten years has contributed to the improvement our services,” he says. “Also, we were very excited to hear that Thorsten Einig has joined OpenSRS and we look forward to an even closer relationship with OpenSRS.” [editors note: Thorsten Einig joined OpenSRS in October, 2010 as the Managing Director for Europe and is based in Amsterdam].

Hostnet Premium Hosting Support

With a customer base of small and mid-sized businesses, support is an important consideration. Hostnet offers a full helpdesk site with tutorials, FAQs and other resources to help their customers use the hosting an domain services. And they have a full customer support team to provide the enhanced level of customer support that their business base requires.

De Brabander says the company knows providing top-notch support is a must. “We try to stay on top of the customer support by constantly adding easy-to-use features to our website and our hosting and domain services, as well as improving the communications skills of our employees,” he says.

Ensuring the company is stocked with top talent is another way it stays in the lead in a very competitive environment. Hostnet recruits from nearby Delft University of Technology, one of the best engineering and technical schools in the country.

The company’s commitment to its employees starts the day they walk in the door. New employees will find a bicycle waiting for them on their first day–bikes being a common mode of transportation in the Netherlands.

Meet the Reseller: ISOCNET

OpenSRS Reseller ISOCNET is a Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky-based company which specializes in providing website design and development, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, and hosted email to small to medium businesses in the region.

A reseller since 2003, ISOCNET uses OpenSRS to complete its suite of Internet services, and to help turn domain registration and management from a headache for its clients into a value-added service and a great source of revenue for itself.

Started as an ISP, Grew by Listening to its Customers

Founded in 1996, ISOCNET started out as a local ISP offering dialup Internet access to customers in the area. They leveraged that early success and began offering email anti-spam and anti-virus solutions as well.

Those customers then started asking whether ISOCNET would be able to take care of all of their Internet needs and ISOCNET began offering a complete suite of Internet services like website development, hosting, e-commerce and collocation solutions.

Turning Domains from Pain to Gain

ISOCNET also identified an important piece of the puzzle in domain name registration and management – their customers were looking for an all-in-one solution provider who would take care of all aspects of their web presence. One of the biggest pain points customers identified was managing domain names.

ISOCNET turned to OpenSRS in 2003 to provide an integrated solution that offered the complete control they required. ISOCNET leveraged their partnership with OpenSRS to offer even more value to their customers and complete the service package their clients demanded.

A Trusted Partner

The payoff for their clients came in the form of peace of mind that their important domain assets were in good hands. For ISOCNET, the payoff was not just in the bottom line, but also in a client base that saw them as a trusted partner for all their Internet needs.

Visit ISOCNET at

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