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OpenSRS and Heartbleed

On April 7th 2014, a new security vulnerability was announced in OpenSSL: Heartbleed. Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. Services such as web, email, instant messaging (IM) and some virtual private networks (VPNs) may have been affected.

Heartbleed is believed to affect more than two thirds of all Internet services and many of OpenSRS’s systems rely on OpenSSL to protect customer data. At this point, we have no evidence that this attack was used against OpenSRS but we have been doing our due diligence to ensure the integrity of our services and systems.

We started work to secure our systems as soon as the problem was announced. We patched the affected systems we run within a few hours so we consider the risk of OpenSRS being exploited by Heartbleed to be low.

We have been working quickly to ensure that every aspect of this problem is covered off. We are confident that the measures we have put in place have brought our systems back to a secure environment.

Yesterday we wrote a blog post on how Heartbleed affects SSL Certificates. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact support at

Mass Surveillance – The Day we Fight Back

Being able to conduct our private online affairs privately is important.

If you don’t need any further convincing, jump down to find out why online privacy matters to us, what we’re doing to help protect it and how you can help.

Perhaps our opening statement seems weird and anachronistic, seeing as we live in a world where people are increasing both the amount of information they share, and the speed at which they share it.

Here’s why we think online privacy is important.

Privacy gives us the space as individuals to find and define our sense of self, and for organizations and companies to innovate and experiment.

Mass surveillance strips us all of the opportunity to choose what information we share, when, where and with whom. The choice between what’s public and what’s private is now in the hands of those that control the data.

Over the past eight months, the details of various national mass surveillance programs have been brought to light. We find the broad and unmitigated power that’s being entrusted to bodies like the National Security Agency (NSA) truly frightening.

We are pretty upset about it. We think you should be pretty upset about it too.

These mass surveillance programs undermine trust in our governments and in the corporations that provide access to and services on the Internet. Most importantly, it undermines trust in the Internet itself. It is the Internet that brings us together and allows us to share in each other’s experiences.

Why it matters to us

For OpenSRS: There is a crisis of faith in the organizations that govern the Internet. That, consequently, undermines how our business operates. The policies and procedures that are part of running the Internet infrastructure businesses depend on requires global trust in the organizations that develop and enforce them. Perhaps these organizations, like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), are too closely connected to the US government, but can they become more global without benefitting those that would seek to control, censor and undermine the Internet?

For Ting: We’ve tried very hard to build a unique service. We’re open and transparent in our pricing and in how we interact with our customers. After years of gouging and poor customer service, it’s no wonder that there is a general lack of trust in mobile service providers. Now, though, it’s also clear that some companies have been providing warrantless, wholesale data access to surveillance programs. Customers are now concerned that we’re providing their phone records and meta-data to these programs without notification or due process. Though we haven’t received any law enforcement requests for user information, these concerns are understandable.

What we’re doing about it

We’re trying to raise awareness through this post and by participating in The Day we Fight Back. We’re also raising money for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

  • Hover will be donating $1 for every domain transferred to Hover on February 11.
  • Ting will be donating $1 up to $10,000 for everyone that shares this post from the Ting blog using the sharing tools there.

What you can do about it

Here’s the great bit. Just over a year ago, citizens joined together online to defeat some rather heinous digital communications legislation. We know that individual voices matter, and we’ve seen the change they can bring.

If you’re American: Use the banner at the bottom of this post to contact your legislator and let them know that mass surveillance is unacceptable.

If you’re Canadian: Sign the petition hosted by OpenMedia. Or you can find and contact your member of parliament. Now is an excellent time to ask for increased oversight of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE).

Global citizens: Visit The Day We Fight Back and tweet, Facebook, or G+ your support for ending programs of mass surveillance.

See you at 2013 2013 happens next week at Europa-Park, in Germany. OpenSRS will be at again this year and we’re looking forward to meeting many of our resellers face-to-face.

If you are attending the show this year, you’ll want to take note of a couple of events that you won’t want to miss.

  • Monday, March 18th, 18:00-20:00: We are hosting a cocktail reception along with our friends from the .CO registry. Drop by the Commedia dell’ Arte in the lobby of the Hotel Colosseo to enjoy a drink or two and start off the week with some good, relaxed conversation. No need to RSVP – Thorsten and the rest of the OpenSRS team will be there between 18:00 and 20:00.
  • Wednesday, March 19th at 17:15 (in La Sala Bianca): Adam Eisner, Director of Product Management, OpenSRS, will be presenting How New TLDs and New Rules Will Change the Domain Game. Make sure you mark your calendar for this session. Adam will be talking about New gTLDs and what impact the coming expansion of the domain name space will have on your business.
  • All week: OpenSRS will be exhibiting in the hosting.FAIR throughout the week. Look for us at booth A16 and come by to say hi. See the hosting.FAIR floorplan.

If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a meeting, email

Safe travels to all attending and we hope to see you there next week!

New .ASIA domain promotion

Starting on November 1 and continuing through to the end of the year, .ASIA domains will be on sale at a registry cost of just $1.99. Considering the usual registry cost for .ASIA is $10, it’s a pretty great deal.

Like most OpenSRS promotions, you’ll need to sign up to take advantage of the savings and do a little promotion of .ASIA domains. That can be done with something like a banner on your website, or through an email to your customers.

Sign up here.

Continuing Promotions

We have a few other promos still ongoing as well – .MOBI, .INFO and .PRO are all on sale, as is .ORG. You can always view current promotions on our website.

New webmail arrives for all users on November 8, 2012

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, the new webmail application that has been in preview for the past few months will become the default webmail application for all users. The current webmail application will be unavailable after that date – all users will see the new webmail only.

If you haven’t spent any time with the new webmail, now would be a good time to familiarize yourself (and your support staff) with some of the new features and the new look and feel.

Your users have likely been checking out the new webmail which has been available to them as a preview since July. If you had disabled the preview mode through the Branding Tool, we strongly suggest that you enable it for your users so they can become familiar with the new webmail prior to the cutover.

New webmail features:

  • New look and feel – we’ve updated the default theme to be more modern and useable. This includes a change to a tabbed interface for things like calendar, file storage and settings.
  • Improved performance – we’ve done a lot of work around making webmail faster and more responsive. Users should notice an increase in overall speed, especially those on dial-up, wireless or slower broadband connections.

More complete release notes with details on everything that is new or updated can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the switchover, or about the new webmail application, don’t hesitate to contact Reseller Support. You can also ask questions in the OpenSRS Forum.

Big SSL News: New Super Low EV Pricing and UC/SAN Certs

We have some big news to share today regarding SSL certificates. There are two parts to the announcement, and both are pretty exciting:

First off, we’re cutting pricing on Extended Validation certificates across the board. We’re getting very aggressive with EV SSL pricing and we’re committed to being the low price leader in the category and to making EV more accessible for your small- and mid-sized business customers.

Next, we’re bringing UC/SAN certificates to OpenSRS. For those who have been asking about UC/SAN certs, the wait is over – you can now add the UC/SAN option to many of our SSL certificate products including Symantec, GeoTrust and Thawte brands. That further cements your ability to provide the appropriate certificate to your customers no matter the brand, certificate type, price point or level of protection required.

We’ve updated our Trust Service pricing page on to provide you with more information including the new pricing for EV certificates, and which products have the new UC/SAN option.

The SSL pricing chart is getting a bit out of hand (in a good way) with over 40 products, so we added some nifty filtering and sorting options that let you narrow down the product list and zero in on what you want to sell. Check it out!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Drop a comment on this post, visit the OpenSRS forum, or contact Reseller Support.

goMobi 1.7 Released for All Users

Today goMobi released version 1.7 of the goMobi application.

For Resellers already offering goMobi to your customers, there’s nothing you need to do – the upgrade will happen automatically for all of your users. Sites will continue to function as before the upgrade.

phones running goMobi 1.7Version 1.7 of goMobi brings further visual enhancements along with some great new features.

What’s New?

  • Additional site templates and theme options for users so they can better match the look and feel of their existing site.
  • New ability for users to upload background images to further customize their site.
  • Enhanced click-to-call features to better enable site visitors to get in touch (on supported smartphones).

…and many more minor enhancements and fixes.

You can view a summary of the changes on our website.

Meet our Reseller: Brain Host

Akron, Ohio based Brain Host is a great example of a newer entrant in the hosting space that is succeeding thanks to a bit of a different approach.

With an extensive background in marketing, the founders of Brain Host recognized that their customers were looking for a website rather than hosting. By tailoring their own marketing to attract and support small- and mid-sized business customers, they’ve been able to grow quickly in a very competitive market.

Brain Host extends that passion for helping their customers succeed by providing support that goes well beyond technical support. They know that having successful customers is the key to their own success.

Read the full profile here.

Meet our Reseller:

The logo from Hoster.byWe’re back with another OpenSRS Reseller profile – this time we talked to, the largest hosting provider in Belarus.

We’re happy to be working with who came to OpenSRS about a year ago and have been growing their business quite rapidly. They not only provide hosting services to individual, small and mid-sized and even some of the largest enterprise customers in Belarus, but they also recently took over the operation of the .by ccTLD.

You can read more about here.

Holiday Hours for Labour Day September 3, 2012

Next Monday, September 3, 2012, is Labour Day here in Canada which means some special hours for a few departments here at OpenSRS. Our Technical Support team continues to be available 24/7 to assist you.

Hours by department:

Department Dates and Hours
Reseller Support Regular hours
Payments Email support:
Compliance Closed September 3rd (Monday)
Service Bureau
(for transactions requiring manual processing)
Closed September 3rd (Monday)

In Canada, the Labour Day marks the end of summer vacation for the kids – Tuesday it’s back to school and parents everywhere rejoice. But whether it’s a three-day long weekend where you are, or just a regular old two-day affair, we wish all of our resellers a safe, relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

Meet Our Reseller: WebsPlanet

We’re back with another reseller profile – this time we’re looking at WebsPlanet.

This company, based in Israel and the US, provides easy-to-use, yet powerful online presence creation tools to companies servicing small and mid-sized business. The company just recently became a reseller in order to offer domain registrations, email and other services to compliment its existing suite.

You can read the full profile here.

We’re thrilled to be working with WebsPlanet!

New Ting phones, more Offers options and Ting for Business

For our resellers in the US who are either already offering Ting phone service through OpenSRS Offers, or thinking about it, Ting recently added a whole bunch of new phones to their device line-up including the latest addition which happened earlier today – the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The Galaxy SIII is one of the hottest Android phones around with a super-bright 4.8″ display, dual-core processor running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And it’s also the first smartphone offered by Ting that works with Sprint’s new and ultrafast 4G LTE network (where available).

It’s available for pre-order through Ting now, with delivery to customers expected in about 3-6 weeks.

The Galaxy SIII is definitely at the top of the smartphone technology heap, but remember that Ting has a wide variety of feature phones, smartphones and data devices at various price points so your customers can get the right device for their needs. Check out the Ting blog for the latest news.

Ting for Business

We’re also getting ready to roll out a whole bunch of new content to help you make the case that Ting is great for small business users – things like being able to have multiple devices on a single account (with truly pooled usage to help save money), easy-to-use management features, and travel-friendly mobile devices that help your business customers cut costs.

We’ll have much more about how Resellers can effectively offer Ting for Business in an upcoming webinar early in September, so stay tuned.

New options for Resellers in OpenSRS Offers

Last but certainly not least, you may have missed the recent addition of some new options for Resellers using OpenSRS Offers to bring Ting to your customers. At launch we had a single offer of $50 off a device purchase and a 25% revenue share for Resellers for two years and that remains for those looking for a nice balance of savings for your customers and a new recurring revenue source for you.

We listened to feedback and added three new offers to give you more choices in how you reward yourself and your customers:

New, one-time payment options:

  • $50 off a device purchase for your customer, and a $50 one-time payment for you on activation.
  • $25 off a device purchase for your customer, and a $75 one-time payment for you on activation.

New, higher revenue share option:

  • $25 off a device purchase for your customer, and a 30% revenue share for you for two years.

As always, visit the Ting OpenSRS Offers page, and the Ting website for more information.

40+ New ccTLDs Added to OpenSRS

We’ve added another batch of ccTLDs to OpenSRS today. That brings the total to well over 100 ccTLDs available for you to sell.

Some of the more popular extensions in this round:

  • .ru – Russia
  • .hk – Hong Kong
  • .cz – Czech Republic
  • .no – Norway
  • .ro – Romania
  • .to – Tonga

The full list of TLDs along with pricing can be found on the Available TLDs page of our website. If you haven’t looked at that page lately, you’ll note that we’ve redesigned it to include more information about things like transfer rules, trades and redemption rules. We’ve also broken out pricing for third-level registrations where the pricing differs from second-level registrations.

TLD Reference Guide Updated

The handy TLD Reference Guide has also been updated with even more detailed information about the various TLDs you can sell – things like residency requirements, available terms and whether WHOIS Privacy is available is all detailed. You can grab that here (PDF format).

New Ting Offers Available

We have added three new options in OpenSRS Offers to sell Ting mobile phone service to your customers.

At launch, we had a single offer:

  • $50 device purchase credit, with a 25% revenue share for the reseller (for two years)

The new offers now available are:

  • $25 device purchase credit, with a 30% revenue share for the reseller (for two years)
  • $25 device purchase credit, with a $75 one-time payment for the reseller
  • $50 device purchase credit, with a $50 one-time payment for the reseller

The idea here is to provide a variety of compensation models to suit your needs. Some resellers asked for a payment up front, others wanted that revenue share for two years. And some resellers told us that they didn’t need to provide as big an incentive to their customers, so we provided those options as well (with an appropriate increase in the reseller share).

Feel free to utilize any or all of the Ting Offers, depending on your specific circumstances or customer needs.

New marketing resources

We also recently added a few new resources for you to use. You’ll find some print-ready device information cards for all of the devices we currently carry. They are available in PDF format and look great printed on a 5.5” x 8.5” card.

Download Ting marketing resources.

And, in case you missed the blog post a couple of weeks back, we also now have a Ting savings calculator that you can embed in your own site, or even on a Facebook page.

Learn more and get the code.

Explore the next version of webmail in OpenSRS Email Service

Great news! On July 5th, 2012, we’re rolling out an updated version of our webmail application in a “preview mode” for all users of OpenSRS Email Service.

Starting that day, your users will be able to choose between the current interface, and the newly updated interface, through a “preview” toggle on the webmail login screen.

For the sake of any of your users who may fear change, the current webmail will remain the default – users who want to check out the new webmail will have to specifically click to choose the preview.

The “preview mode” is displayed by default on the login screen if you use the default webmail brand. Those using a custom brand can enable the preview through the Branding Tool in the Mail Administration Center.

In the Production Test Environment later today

Later today, we’ll roll out the update to the Production Test Environment (PTE) so you’ll have a chance to log in to an account in your Test account and see for yourself what the new webmail is like.

Take the opportunity over the next few weeks and months to get your support staff familiar with the interface prior to it being released as the default webmail application later this year.

What’s new!

You’re probably wondering what’s new in this version of webmail. Here are some highlights:

  • Support for Google Chrome and Apple Safari in both the Standard and Basic interfaces
  • Better settings handling across sessions for things like the preview pane and email header view
  • New three-pane layout for the Personal Address Book
  • Improved application responsiveness and speed

New default theme!

Webmail has also received a complete refresh of the default theme, moving to a much cleaner, far more readable interface. We’ve also moved to a tabbed interface, providing easier access to different areas of the application like Mail, Personal Address Book, Calendar, File Sharing and Settings.

The full list

We’ve posted a full list of what’s been updated, added and enhanced on our website along with known issues. View it here.

We’d love to get your feedback on the new webmail. Drop into the OpenSRS Forums and tell us what you think and give us a heads up on any bugs that you might find.

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