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Thanks a Million, Ten Million!

Boy do we have some news: Earlier today, we officially announced that OpenSRS now has ten million domain names under management!

Having been with OpenSRS for just over two months, I have witnessed firsthand how quickly time flies when you’re having fun. My colleagues and the various teams have been so focused on the many internal projects that we nearly missed celebrating this very important milestone!

It’s a day like today that makes everything we do worthwhile.

We wish there was a way to get each of our ten thousand resellers in one big room so we could thank you in person. Unfortunately, we’re lacking the teleportation technology (our flux capacitor burnt out some time ago) and so we hope you will accept this blog post as our sincerest, most heartfelt thanks for helping us reach this important milestone.

The feedback received and the numerous conversations we’ve had with you have enabled us to build a wholesale domain name management platform that helps you to run your hosting and Internet business more efficiently and with confidence.

Although we’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, we wake up each day with a goal to make it even better.

Ten million domain names isn’t the finish line for us. It’s an important milestone to be sure, but it’s just a pit stop on our way to being the wholesale domain name registrar you can count on, because we’re not slowing down for anything!

Thank you for your trusting us with your business.

  • George Kirikos

    Congratulations on reaching that impressive milestone!

  • Ben Lucier

    Thanks George! Yeah, we’re really excited about the milestone. :)

  • Crystal Peterson

    Congratulations! That is fantastic. Here’s to the next 10!

  • Steve Moon

    Congratulations from all your supporters in the UK and the Twittersphere !!

  • Ben Lucier

    Steve, Crystal: Appreciate the kind words! Thanks!

  • Lauren Price

    Congrats! Great picture!

  • http://n/a Reseller

    So what was the domain name?

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